Helping those harmed by Katrina

The American Red Cross has a news page (no longer available) on the efforts that they are undertaking to help people who have suffered loss from the hurricane.

If you have troubles accessing the Red Cross site, try back later. It looks like they are getting more than a little traffic, but every little bit can help.

South Korea concerned over Google Earth

I’d be concerned if I were them, too:

Google Earth service provides images of the presidential Blue House and military bases in the country, which remains technically at war with communist North Korea.

From: South Korea discusses security concerns with U.S. over Google Earth (link no longer available)

See the page on this topic for a screenshot (no longer available).

The New York Times weighs in on Google’s approach to Privacy and the Press

The New York Times writes of Google’s reaction last month to a CNET article, in which a reporter for the news site published some personal information discovered about the CEO of Google found through a half hour of searching on the search engine.

In Google Anything, so Long as It’s Not Google, an opinion piece at the Times, a gauntlet is thrown down. The author mentions some other instances of technology companies refusing to work with others based upon “transgressions” against them. Including IBM’s reaction to a Fortune Magazine article, and Apple’s reaction to a biography published about one of its founders.

The editorial raises some excellent points. It will be interesting to see Google’s reaction, if any.


Local SEOs Jon Payne and Chris Boggs had a chance to be on Maryland Public television for a few minutes recently.

Jon Payne talks about the experience in a blog post: My First TV Appearance.

It’s nice to have a couple of articulate and well respected SEOs reach out to the local business community. Nice going, Jon and Chris.

Their segment has aired twice, but if you are in the Maryland or DC area, you still have a chance to catch it on Sunday at 11:30.

PDFs and Accessibility

There’s an excellent article about portable document files (PDFs) and accessibility written by Joe Clark at the newly relaunched A List Apart.

See: Facts and Opinions About PDF Accessibility

It’s one of the best practical articles I’ve seen on the format, including when it is best to use PDFs, and when not to, how to optimize them best for screen readers, a description of the format itself, and the different authoring tools that can be used.

I’m not sure how effectively search engine indexing programs can handle the different tags in a PDF, but this is an excellent introduction to the format itself.

A hearty thanks

A hearty thanks to those who were able to attend.

The boat ride was wonderful, and I would definitely recommend to any who have the chance to go out on the Skipjack Martha Lewis that they take the opportunity. The boat is one of the last of its type, and riding on it was a glimpse at a life style that supported many people in an industry that we may never see the like of again.

I had the chance to stay at the Vandiver Inn over the weekend, and it was a real pleasure. I’ve never taken the opportunity to stay over at a Bed and Breadfast before, but I got a whole lot more pleasure out of the accommodations than I’ve ever had from staying at a large hotel in the midst of a metropolis.

I really enjoyed the conversations that I had a chance to have very much.

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Directions and Agenda for SEO by the SEA

SEO by the SEA is purposefully an informal event, after experiencing the benefits of informal meetings after the large industry conferences like Search Engine Strategies.

We have three main items on the agenda presently, with a chance for people to explore town, or talk and dine with other people that they meet.

On Friday night, we will be at MacGregor’s Pub in Havre de Grace.

On Saturday, we will be meeting at the Marina near Tydings Park to board the Skipjack Martha Lewis. The Ship leaves at 5:00, but the Captain is supposedly very punctual, and it was heartily recommended that people show up by 4:45 pm.

On Sunday morning, we are meeting for brunch at the Crazy Swede on Union Street in Havre de Grace.

If you can meet us for any or all of these, please let me know.

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