A hearty thanks

A hearty thanks to those who were able to attend.

The boat ride was wonderful, and I would definitely recommend to any who have the chance to go out on the Skipjack Martha Lewis that they take the opportunity. The boat is one of the last of its type, and riding on it was a glimpse at a life style that supported many people in an industry that we may never see the like of again.

I had the chance to stay at the Vandiver Inn over the weekend, and it was a real pleasure. I’ve never taken the opportunity to stay over at a Bed and Breadfast before, but I got a whole lot more pleasure out of the accommodations than I’ve ever had from staying at a large hotel in the midst of a metropolis.

I really enjoyed the conversations that I had a chance to have very much.

The SEO by the SEA site will continue with posts about SEO and marketing, and the local region, and perhaps will lead to another opportunity to have an event like this one again.


7 thoughts on “A hearty thanks”

  1. I’ll second the fact that the boat ride was awesome….and I finally got to meet the man behind the 10,000 posts!

    You’ve got to get a better avatar Bill! You look nothing like that pic. That should be your passport photo, lol.


    We went with a wonderful salad with maryland crabcake on the side for lunch at the Tidewater restaurant (excellent ambiance, but check your change) http://www.hdgtourism.com/eat.html

    Dinner at St John Gourmet
    The meatloaf was the best I’ve had in quite some time. A real treat at just the right price! We knew we had a winner when the waitress remarked, “Excellent choice!”

    Final recommendation..Do the antique stores. Some great treasures to be found in town.

    Thanks again Bill for the opportunity. Looking forward to the next SEO by the Sea. Drop us a line next time you’re up around southern NJ.

  2. Bill,

    I’m quite happy to hear that SEO by the SEA went well, even though I could not attend.

    For those of us who missed the awesome boatride and mouth watering Havre de Grace cuisine – do you have any pics?

    Best, Loren

  3. Sounds like things went really well. I regret not being able to make it, but hopefully you’ll just make this a recurring event :)


  4. Bruce,

    It was a real pleasure to meet you and Sylvia. I’m glad that you both were able to join us for the ride on the Skipjack.

    I’ll look into a new avatar. :)

    The meatloaf at St. Johns is excellent. I’ve had it before. We went to a crab place tucked away in a tiny corner of Havre de Grace a little later on Saturday night and had a half dozen each, of some of the best crabs I’ve eaten in a long time.


    I did manage to get some pictures, and I’ll try to post some. Unfortunately, at the time the crabs were being served, it was a choice between digging in, or taking photos, and being left with only shells. So, I have a couple of pictures of the remains of the feast, which I’ll post.


    It was a shame that you couldn’t join us, but I hope that we can try this again. I think that it might go even betteer if we get a few more people to sponsor and promote it.

    I also have had someone recommend Tilghman Island as the next site. It looks beautiful, and might be a nice site to consider.

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