Directions and Agenda for SEO by the SEA

SEO by the SEA is purposefully an informal event, after experiencing the benefits of informal meetings after the large industry conferences like Search Engine Strategies.

We have three main items on the agenda presently, with a chance for people to explore town, or talk and dine with other people that they meet.

On Friday night, we will be at MacGregor’s Pub in Havre de Grace.

On Saturday, we will be meeting at the Marina near Tydings Park to board the Skipjack Martha Lewis. The Ship leaves at 5:00, but the Captain is supposedly very punctual, and it was heartily recommended that people show up by 4:45 pm.

On Sunday morning, we are meeting for brunch at the Crazy Swede on Union Street in Havre de Grace.

If you can meet us for any or all of these, please let me know.

My cell phone number is (302) 290-9935 in case you have any problems finding us.

From the North

To get to Havre de Grace, from the north, travel down I-95 South.

In Maryland, Take the MD-222 S exit- EXIT 93- toward PERRYVILLE (0.3 miles)

Turn LEFT onto MD-275 / PERRYLAWN DR. (0.6 miles)

MD-275 / PERRYLAWN DR becomes MD-222 / PERRYVILLE RD. (1.2 miles)
(Just a name change there – no turns)

Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto PULASKI HWY / US-40 W. (2.1 miles)
(after this right turn, you will be going on the Hatem Bridge, across the Susquehanna River)

Turn LEFT onto OTSEGO ST. (0.5 miles)
(You will see a McDonalds and a Waffle House on your left just before the left turn here. After a couple of blocks, Otsego curves right almost 90 degrees and crosses under a railroad bridge)

Turn RIGHT onto MD-7 / UNION AVE N. (0.1 miles)
(If you make the right curve above, you are on Union Street. You will want to get in the left lane after the curve, so that you can follow the direction below. Note that you can see the Crazy Swede Restaurant from this point, if you look to your right.)

Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto ST JOHN ST. (0.1 miles)

MacGregors will be on your left.

To get to the marina by Tydings park, instead of turning left onto St. John Street, you will go straight to the end of Union Street, and then make a left turn. The entrance way for the marina will be on your right after the turn. Parking may be difficult on Saturday, with 250 artists displaying so you will want to give yourself extra time. You might have to walk a couple of blocks.

From the Sourth

From I-95 N., take the MD-22 exit 85 to Aberdeen/Churchville – (0.4 m)

Bear right at Aberdeen Thwy (1.8 mi)

Bear right onto the US-40 E ramp to Havre de Grace (0.2 mi)

Bear right at N Philadelphia Blvd (0.5 mi)

Continue on Pulaski Hwy – Route 40 (3.7 mi)

Turn right at Otsego St (0.5 mi)

See the above directions from this point to continue

If you have any questions, please send me an email, or leave a post.