Consumer Webwatch takes on Scammers and Spammers in October

If you can make it to Washington, D.C., on October 26th, please join me and a friend or two at the National Press Club at 8:45 am, for a day long set of presentations sponsored by the good folks at Consumer Webwatch, on the topic of:

Trust or Consequence: The Web’s Reputation at Risk

The conference is free, and the speaker list is an excellent one.

Registration is required, and needs to be done by Monday, October 17, 2005.

The Keynote Speaker is Johnathan Zittrain, who was one of the founders of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School, and presently teaches at Oxford University. Amongst the many other speakers is User Interface Engineering’s Jared Spool.

There are two concurrent panels for the morning, and then again during the afternoon. I’ve signed up for “Schemers, Scammers and Blasted Spammers: Where the Web’s Reputation is Most at Risk” in the morning, and “Online Banking Catches on, but Financial Services Sites Face an Uphill Trust Battle” (with Jared Spool) in the afternoon.

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If you’re in the UK, I’m Jealous

That’s because you have a chance to attend a seminar from one of the smartest, internet savviest, and friendliest designers out there at “Web Design from Scratch LIVE” (no longer available).

The seminar is from Ben Hunt, aka Scratch, who is going to share many of the secrets that he has picked up on web design. It’s for:



Managers, and

Site owners

I do have a selfish motivation in mentioning this seminar, in addition to thanking Scratch for the excellent tutorials about design that he has put on the web.

Rumor has it that he might someday bring this presentation across the sea to this side of the pond.

Web Design from Scratch, Live is an “intensive one-day training course led by Ben Hunt, principal consultant at Scratchmedia, on 07 November 2005 in Chesterfield, England.” If you have a chance to attend, the cost for the course is £295, which sounds like a bargain.

Not too late to join and vote

Like to be in at the beginning of an SEO industry organization, and help shape it, and determine how it will grow, and what it will do?

You have a chance.

From the Search Marketing Association – North America (SMA-NA) forum:

We are hoping to have elections ASAP, now that we have quorum. Very Happy All members will receive emails shortly outlining some ideas, potential dates, etc.

If you are not a member yet there is still time to join and have a say on one of the the most important board of directors the SMA-NA will ever vote for – the ones who will start the ball rolling!

Once the members have given us their feedback, we will officially announce the elections and post instructions on how to run for positions and vote.

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The competitive keyword game

One online marketing approach is to try to find words and phrases to use on your pages that you believe your customers will likely use to find your site while using a search engine, and that you expect they will want to see on those pages, and incorporate those words into your pages.

While that is fine and good, you can also find out some interesting things about the folks you believe are your competitors by looking at the words that they may have decided to focus upon within their pages.

If you want to play along at home, here is a method to use to explore whom you think you are competing with, and whom you really are competing with, when you target certain keywords.

1. Take three sites that you think are your online competitors

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