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If you are an SEO, chances are good that you’ve been keeping an eye on the news about Google and web searches.

There’s another place where Google’s search ambitions have been developing, and that’s behind corporate firewalls. But they aren’t going it alone.

About a month ago, Attunity sent out a Press Release announcing their partnership with Google in the area of enterprise search.

Attunity isn’t the only company that Google has partnered with. Google lists a number of their other Google Enterprise Professional partners on their site, along with information on how to become a Google Enterprise Professional.

Selling Trademarks as Keywords: Office Depot vs. Staples

Somewhere at the intersection of trademark law, and rival businesses using their competitors’ trademarks as keywords in search engines sits companies like Google, who will sell those keywords to the highest bidder.

DestinationCRM.com takes a look at a lawsuit between business supply companies in Office Depot Sues Staples Over Google Ads.

Some interesting thoughts from a Gartner analyst in the article, on Google’s role in the dispute.

Fast Desktop Search to Rival Google Desktop

Fast Search and Transfer hasn’t been much of a player on the web search scene in a few years, but that doesn’t mean that they haven’t been active.

They’ve been focusing upon Enterprise level search, and they aren’t the only ones. One of the applications where they’ve seen fit to take on Google is in the area of Desktop search.

Information Week takes a look at their search service, and how Fast is positioning themselves as a way for Corporate customers to keep Google off the desktops of their employees, in InformationWeek > Desktop Search >FAST Desktop Search Platform Comes Gunning for Google.

One of the issues that may make this attractive to corporations, is that people within their organizations are installing programs like Google Desktop Search without asking if it is okay first, or checking with their IT departments. A potential issue with this practice is that Google might gain access to information that it indexes that the businesses may not want to share with Google.

The availability of an alternative like that offered by Fast may make IT departments a little more comfortable and feeling more secure about corporate information.

How many Google employees does it take?

Eric Baillargeon, at SEO & Web Marketing News -> North, notes that Google has likely passed the 5,000th employee mark at this point, if we go by their recent hiring rate, and the amount of employees listed in their Third Quarter Fiscal 2005 Results.

I didn’t realize that there were so many Googlers in the world. I wonder what percentage are ph.d.’s.

And so much for my learning all their names, and reading all the publications they have written. Or following all of their blogs (link via Pete at Search Engine Blog) That’s just too many Googlers to keep track of.

Yahoo research ambitions

The MIT Technology Review takes a look at the impetus behind development in technology at Yahoo! in Yahoo Aims To Be Research Powerhouse.

The July hiring of Prabhakar Raghavan by Yahoo! is cited as the point at which Yahoo! started to get serious about recruiting some serious research talent. Supposedly, the former chief technology officer from Verity has made a difference in attracting new hires.

How ambitious is Yahoo? This quote from Prabhakar Raghavan, from the article, gives us an idea:

Developers involved in a software organization typically produce $1 million in revenue per year, per developer,” Raghavan says. “If my scientists each produce $1 million in revenue, that’s not very interesting. The thing I look for is for our scientists to think about hundred-million-dollar ideas or billion-dollar ideas.

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