Online Services from Microsoft

If you haven’t tried out Windows Live (now Bing) yet, you might want to give it a look. You’ll want to do that with Internet Explorer, because it isn’t quite ready for Firefox (it is a beta, but you would figure that Microsoft could have waited a day or three to work with Firefox, too.)

I tried it out earlier, and there’s some nice drop and drag features, that let you set up a home page the way you might want it. Is Microsoft catching on? Or is this something they’ve been trying to get right for years?

The Financial Times looks at some of Microsoft’s earlier attempts to provide online services to people, with mentions of services from the end of the 90s that didn’t quite make it. In Microsoft ogles Google’s goodies, we get a sense of how the advertising model that Yahoo! started and Google has perfected may be the type of thing that lets Microsoft see some success offering online information services.