The Yellow Shoes of Search Engine Optimization in Newsweek and Slashdot

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Back in March, I had the chance to meet Rand Fishkin, of SEOMoz, at the New York Search Engine Strategies Conference. Rand is a popular and active poster on a number of Search Engine Optimization forums, and in late February he noted that he would be wearing a pair of bright yellow shoes at the conference to make it easy to find him (optimization by shoe color?)

Rand’s popularity comes from his friendly nature, and his willingness to share with others. Since March, we’ve had the good fortune, at Cre8asite Forums to have him join us there as a moderator in the Search Engine Optimization forum.

Those yellow shoes have been featured in a couple of interesting places lately.

There’s a nice article at Newsweek about the power of SEO and taking a look at the optimization efforts of Rand at: Hotwiring Your Search Engine.

It’s good to see Rand getting this type of credit. He was also recently the focus of of a lot of traffic from slashdot for his Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization. I had a very small part in reviewing and editing the original guide, but even if I didn’t, I would recommend it highly to anyone interested in learning about SEO. Rand put an incredible amount of effort into sharing information with anyone willing to learn more about it.

Congratulations, Rand.

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