Yahoo! Bundles Communication

I hadn’t seen the Yahoo! Communication Center (now replaced by Yahoo Tutorials) before today. It looks like it does a nice job of introducing people to the many different free ways Yahoo! has for people to hold conversations. It’s sharp looking, and very well done.

I’m not sure how well it functions as a “communications center” but as a way of finding out how you can communicate on Yahoo!, it accomplishes that task well.

I noticed a link to it from Emil Yang’s Yahoo! 360 page (which unfortunately has gone away). Emil has had a number of other posts there highlighting some of the new things Yahoo! has come out with recently. Thanks, Emil.


2 thoughts on “Yahoo! Bundles Communication”

  1. You’re welcome, Emil.

    Thank you for the heads upon on the communication center. I searched around to see if there was much mention of it anywhere, and didn’t find any. :)

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