Google Improving Mobile Search

Making it easier to make entries on a mobile device

As smart phones, and web-connected PDAs become more and more common, it makes sense for search engines to consider how to make it easier for people to use those devices while searching the web.

Handheld and mobile devices can be difficult to enter queries into.

Google has come up with some ideas to make searching easier on a phone or PDA.

They involve a type of auto complete and spell checker that can predict what you might enter before you finish typing, or tapping, or speaking.

This type of predictive data entry gets its information from dictionaries that can be stored locally, or remotely. Those dictionaries can be built using information from a collection of email, or corporate documents, or from web searches.

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Trying to quickly understand how well an online advertising campaign is doing is important.

There are a lot of factors to look at, to make sure that it is working, and a lot of methods to use to test those ads.

A patent application from describes one method they are using:

Systems and methods of achieving optimal advertising
United States Patent Application 20050289005
Inventors: John B. Ferber, Scott Ferber, Mark Hrycay, and Robert Luenberger
Published December 29, 2005
Filed: May 18, 2005


A system and method for achieving optimal advertising is disclosed.

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People helping People

With my first post of the new year, I decided that I would point out a site that captured my imagination earlier this evening:

Favorville is an “social experiment in Good Will.”

I’m hoping that spirit of reaching out, and helping others when they need it will be something we see a lot of in 2006.

Happy New Year. I hope that it is a good one to you.