Visiting at the link spiel

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My friend Debra Mastaler asked me if I would be interested in making a guest appearance at her blog on linking and marketing, The Link Spiel.

I jumped at the chance.

Mixed amongst Debra’s excellent advice on advice and techniques involving linking are many examples of her sharp wit and subtle sense of humor. Make sure that you check out her post on Nascar Links, and on Amazon + Reviewers + Links. You’ll want to set aside some time to read through her archives while you’re at it. There are lots of good ideas in there.

Thanks, Debra.

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6 thoughts on “Visiting at the link spiel”

  1. Nice post Bill. I could not find the link to add a comment on LinkSpiel, so I’ll do it here…

    Makes one wonder why mobile search is looking at image recognition via barcodes & other unique identifers as quick links to sites when we have all of these text links printed all over town.

    Maybe the mobile search & web industry should just get simpler with image based text scanning for quick links and less big money James Bond stuff.

  2. Thanks, Loren.

    Debra doesn’t have comments enabled on her blog.

    I’ve seen and written about a couple of mobile search technologies recently that skip past barcodes, and read the text on objects – Evryx and nThrum.

    What impressed me about some of the links I saw on my walk about town were the ones that gave reasons for following the links, like the receipt asking for feedback and offering a contest, and the URL provided to make reservations.

  3. Thanks, Nadir.

    The title tags suggestion is a good one, made a little difficult by the use of Blogger. Google should probably make that a little easier to do since they prefer unique title tags too.

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