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I’m intrigued by the topic of mobile search enough to add a new category to this blog on the topic.

One of the interesting mobile search sites I’ve seen lately is Goobile, and I enjoyed an interview they held with Kumar Gopalakrishnan last November.

He was named as an inventor on a patent application published this last week on a type of mobile search that looks at things like text on objects to perform searches:
Method and system for providing information services relevant to visual imagery

The invention described sounds similar to the nThrum service mentioned in the interview, which is available for free download as a beta, by invitation.

A person would take a picture of text that appears on an object with their phone, and then have the application return information to them about that text. Sounds better than barcodes

I’d like to try it out. Sadly, my phone isn’t on the list of compatible phones.

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2 thoughts on “Visual mobile search from nThrum”

  1. Another interesting idea. I’ll check to see if my phone is compatible. If not, maybe this is something we will see more of in the next year or two.

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