25 links on Search and Design

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Fun with graphs

This graph comparing Judas vs. Da Vinci is very interesting. I also enjoy the other graphs over at the data mining blog. This one uses data from blogpulse to see the reactions to the release of the National Geographic article on The Gospel of Judas compared to interest in The Da Vinci Code .


The International Symbol for Man Tells All
Thoroughly enjoyed this Design Observer article, in which an icon is asked questions about what it’s like to stand for everyone.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt Sits Down For TV Interview With Charlie Rose
Gary Price does a nice job of providing some excerpts from this interview with Eric Schmidt, including a reason why he almost didn’t join Google.

A Frank Interview With Jim Lanzone
Another excellent interview from John Battelle. This time with the Senior Vice President & General Manager of Ask.com

My Decade Of Writing About Search Engines
This one is more autobiography than interview from Danny Sullivan, but a great read regardless. There’s an awesome list of some of the top search stories over the past ten years.

Scholarly content

New relevance rank in Google Scholar
Greg Linden shares some of his thoughts on a new relevance ranking at Google Scholar. I have a feeling that Greg spends as much time or more looking for search related papers as I do, so it’s good to see his thoughts on this new ranking system.

Microsoft’s Windows Live Academic Joins Search for Scholarly Publishing Content
A thoughtful look at the new service from the Microsoft folks, including some comments on the interface and comparisons to Google Scholar.

Design ideas

Optimization tips for WordPress
Kudos to Donna for a couple of excellent suggestions on making wordpress blogs a little friendlier to search engines.

Hacking A More Tasteful MySpace
And Kudos to Mike Davidson for his suggestions on working with MySpace pages.

Bite Size Vitamin
Jeremy Keith introduces two new design sites, Bite Size Standards and Vitamin, which are both thoughtful, collaborative efforts about design, and already filled with some excellent articles and ideas.


Yahoo! Buys Meedio (dead link)
Sarah in Tampa provides the scoop in this acquistion of the technology of Meedio, maker of digital entertainment software. I need to update my Yahoo! acquisitions pages.

Why Expand, When You Can Buy In? (no longer available)
Nathan Weinberg discusses the smart way that Google has used to enter the Russian search market. I need to update my page on Google Acquisitions.

Search Engines and Directories

Mojeek Personal Search and Response from Marc at Mojeek.com
I really like the thoughtful analysis that Joe Dolson provides about this search engine that focuses on personalized search, and appreciate the way he responds to, and interacts with the creator of the search engine in a followup post. A great example of how blogs can start conversations, and how paying attention to blog posts (as the creator of Mojeek has), can lead to some ideas on how to make an interesting site even better.

Umdum Web Directory Launches : List Your Site
My friend Loren might be one of the busiest folks in Search Engine Marketing, and he’s added a new way of keeping busy, by launching a new directory, Umdum Web Directory. As he notes on the Search Engine Journal:

With our tagline “Humanity at work!” I am dead set on showing the world that a human edited spam free directory can still be built and maintained; with an emphasis on quality and authority.

Matt Cutts confirms AdSense media bot in natural search index
Jennifer Slegg (Jenstar) writes about some of the possible implications of this development. Thanks for the heads up.

5 Ideas To Make Google Calendar A Success
These sound like some good ideas. If anyone from Google is reading this, please follow this link to these suggestions. 🙂

Microsoft Gets Social
A look at Microsoft’s emphasis on social search.

Comparing the Mapping Services
I like when people take the time and effort to provide a thoughtful analysis and comparison of services like this one. Covered are the offerings from Google, Ask, Yahoo, Mapquest, and Windows Live Local. Some interesting comments, too.

Snooping and Work

ISP snooping gaining support
A worrisome report from Declan McCullagh. I’m going to a presentation in Washington, DC, next week where he will be one of the presenters. The focus is upon copyrights, but maybe something on this topic will come out.

Monitoring Employee Communications in the Enterprise (No longer available)
Is having access to the web at work that harmful?

Companies blocking employees from reading RSS feeds
Is having access to RSS feeds at work all that harmful?

SEO, Analytics, and Marketing

V7N Search and Marketing Blog and Welcome to the SearchBlogosphere
It’s really good to see that John Scott has started a new blog, to go along with the V7 network forums, and even better to see my friend Peter Da Vanzo as one of the authors of the site. Peter has adopted a slightly different approach here than at Search Engine Blog, and it’s really good to have more of his thoughts on the web.

ClickTracks Appetizer Serves Up Free Site Analytics
Jennifer Laycock shares the word about some new free software from the web analytics firm ClickTracks, which bundles some of the features of their analytics software. I’m a really big fan of the statistics overlays that let you see which links get what traffic on a page, and was pleased to see those in this version. Of course, once you use it, you may just be tempted to buy one of the fuller featured offerings that they have. Jennifer does an excellent job of showing what you get with the software.

Does Textbook SEO Really Work Anymore?
I didn’t know there was a text book. Mike Grehan did write a pretty good ebook on the subject, though. Waiting for that third edition, Mike…

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5 thoughts on “25 links on Search and Design”

  1. Congratulations on the launch of your directory. I’ll look forward to seeing what you come up with in terms of promos and events. :

    The school project sounds exciting.

    You’ll be able to supply them with a perspective that they might not otherwise get, and might learn something while you’re at it, too. Good going.

  2. Bill, thanks for the coverage of the Umdum launch.

    I’m quite excited to have the Directory up and running and am getting together some fun promos and directory building events.

    In addition, I met a nice fellow at SES Tokyo who is a Professor of Informational Science (classes are in English) at a University in Central Japan and is the head of a search, findability and usability 2.0 ‘hack’ project between multiple Asian Universities.

    Looks like I will probably be speaking at the school on search and ‘web 2.0’ and working on the projects with the students – which should be a blast.

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