Google Notebook Released

I downloaded the Google Notebook browser extension about twenty minutes ago, and have been trying it out.

In case you didn’t hear about Google Notebook yet, it’s a new tool from Google announced last week during the Google Press Day, but not planned to be released until this week.

The idea behind it is that you can use it to take notes about web pages , and copy snippets from those pages, and keep them in notebooks, which you can keep private, or make accessible to the public. A link to the page where you found the material makes it easy to return to the source of the information.

Notebooks can be organized into sections, and can contain images as well as text. The program can be accessed from more than one computer, which means that the information contained within it is stored by Google rather than on your own computer.

I really like the way that the mini notebook, and the full page notebook work together. As a tool for tracking information on the web, it’s pretty useful. I could see some value in using it as a work tool when looking at a site, and considering rewriting content on the pages of that site. Or in writing notes for a blog post, or article or paper.

One of the features that isn’t working yet is the ability to search other public notebooks. The message that I received is that “Search will be available in a few days .”

The mini notebook takes up some space in the bottom left of your browser screen, but can be minimized to rest atop of the progress bar at the bottom of your screen.

The autofill feature from the Google toolbar doesn’t work with the form on the mini notebook login.

Switching to full view of the notebook opens up a new browser window in Internet Explorer.

The (no longer accessible) Google Notebook Overview page showed screenshots from the mini notebook and the full page notebook.

I’m finding myself liking this program, but wishing for a standalone version that hosts the information on my own pages, and doesn’t share it with Google or the world.


Author: Bill Slawski

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