Search Marketing Standard Arrives

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I received my copy of the first magazine devoted to Search Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization on Monday.

Search Marketing Standard went out to more than 15,000 people over the last week or two. The first issue was on the slim side, but it had some well written articles and news coverage. Headlines on the front page include:

  • 15 of the Biggest Myths in Search Marketing Exposed
  • Measuirng SEO Success with Web Analytics
  • Targeting the Tail: How to get the Most out of Every Marketing Dollar

I think that they are off to an excellent start, and I hope to see them grow and evolve into a well known and highly respected part of the Search Marketing community.

The magazine is quarterly, and is aimed at owners of small to medium sized businesses, and search marketers. Their fall issue is expected at the end of August, and will take a closer look at “Search Engine Marketing and Web Site Usability.”

Congratulations to the crew that put the magazine together.

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4 thoughts on “Search Marketing Standard Arrives”

  1. I received this mag also a few weeks back.

    The writing is good, the ads are excessive.

    The first time I flipped through the mag I didn’t read a thing thinking it was ALL ads. I picked it up again and the articles are well written, something hard to find these days.

    I’d say get this mag if you can, even with all the ads. The publishers have to cover costs somehow and if I’m not doing it the advertisers will. More power to the ads for getting me free, and good, advice.

  2. Hi Kristen,

    It really is nice to see an actual print publication focusing directly on Search Engine Marketing. I’m hoping that they can give us a better content to advertising ratio in the future, but as you note, they need to pay for the magazine somehow.

    I’m wishing good things for their future, and I think that anyone interested in the online world of marketing should be considering subscribing.

  3. Hi Bill,

    Boris Mordkovich from Search Marketing Standard here.

    I was just re-reading your review of our first issue from almost a year ago and was really curious to hear what your thoughts are regarding our publication now?

    We published 4 quarterly issues right now and are releasing a 5th one in Mid-May, so we’ve come a long way from our first one.

    I’d love to hear your comments and feedback on our magazine at this stage.


  4. Hi Boris,

    I’m going to have to collect my thoughts and the magazine and get back to you. I do enjoy it, but I’d like to provide you with more feedback than that.

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