Construction Accident Downs SEO by the Sea

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If you’ve tried to visit this site sometime within the last 12 hours, and were unable to connect, I apologize.

Just before 9:00 am, a construction accident severed fiber conduits running to the datacenter that my site (and one of my email servers) was hosted upon.

a picture of the severed fiber optic cable that disconnected the datacenter my site is hosted upon.
The severed fiber cable

My host set up an emergency update page, allowing us to keep track of the status of repairs to the fiber, and I’m appreciative that they did, while including pictures of the problem, and the people who were working on fixing it.

I’m sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. A big thanks to the many who worked so hard to get the datacenter back online.

It’s good to be back.

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12 thoughts on “Construction Accident Downs SEO by the Sea”

  1. Hi Dave,

    I’m pretty happy with the way that they handled this problem. They also sent out emails explaining what was happening, which helped too.

    Being able to see exactly why the site was down made it a lot easier to take than just being told that a fiber conduit was severed.

  2. In know this is an older post but I have to say that you are lucky that your host did the right thing. I had a disaster happen this week with my hosting company, and they did the exact opposite – not inform or communicate. A hacker got into several servers and dumped a bunch of javascript redirects into many websites index files, so basically causing them to go to bad sites, and causing the sites to lose their traffic. They didn’t tell anyone about it, even though they were aware of it.
    A good host is imperative to a successful website.
    Anyways, love the photo of the cables!

  3. When you published this article (back in 2006) providers were kind enough to publish an emergency page. Nowadays they are down for hours and the don’t even sweat. Good old times…

  4. Hi John,

    I was pretty surprised that they published a page explaining what happened back then. I’m not sure if too many other providers would have.

  5. lol man that must have sucked to find out it was some construction guy that killed a whole data center by cutting a cable lol.

    Oh well I’m sure you all managed to look on the funny side of it to stop yourselfs from cracking 🙂

    I noticed above about down times and how poor the majority of providers have got these days, I agree there are so many poor providers no, its just a shame people cant be kind online and think about the clients a little more like these guys did.

  6. Hi Nath,

    At the time, I was concerneed, but I figured that the problem could have been worse. At least my host made it easy for me to find out that my site was down – that made all the difference.

  7. a nice story as you don’t hear much praise these days about many hosting companies – do you think y ou could give thema mention here as I don’t think you mentioned hem by name, right?

    Also – any reason your posts don’t have permalinks that inclues the post name, would that not help with the seo?

  8. Hi Michael,

    I linked to them in my post. They were purchased a couple of years ago, and purchased and changed their name last year.

    There are a number of reasons why I don’t use permalinks with post’s names. While there may be some limited help in terms of ranking for specific keywords, there are hundreds of signals that Google may rank a page for, and more concerned about many of those.

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