A new look for SEO by the Sea

I decided to go ahead with an update to the latest version of WordPress tonight after learning that one of the plugins I was using to stop spam was also stopping comments from people I wanted to hear from – the people who visit here, and are interested enough in something they read that they want to leave a comment.

Right now, I’m using a default wordpress template. I’ll be exploring some of the wordpress templates out on the web, and probably choose one and make some modifications to its look and coding. I’ve made a few plugin updates and additions, and have more to do. I also want to explore some of the new wordpress functionality I heard about at wordcamp 2006 this summer in San Francisco.

Added – I decided to try out Mike Cherim’s excellent and very accessible SeaBeast template. It may take a couple of days to set everything up. Nice work, Mike.



Author: Bill Slawski

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