Happy Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is traditionally a harvest festival where people thank God for the bounty that they’ve received during the course of the preceeding year. One memory of past thanksgivings that sticks with me is when I visited a friend’s house a few days after the holiday, and he showed off a school poster created by his young son which listed the things he was thankful for; “Shoes, a house, his mother and father.”

The past year has been an interesting and exciting one, in which I started my own business, and have watched it grow with the support of my family and many friends from around the world. I’ve had the chance to speak at a few conferences this year, learn from those who give so freely at Cre8asite Forums and other gathering places and blogs on the web, make new friends and share ideas with old ones.

Thank you for stopping by and reading this short message. I hope that you have plenty to be thankful for this past year.

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4 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving. Nice perspective by the young man. I’m thankful for a lot including all of you who share so much. I don’t think there’s any other industry where the thought leaders contribute so much to everyone. Also thankful for the sem seo culture that makes getting together so much fun. Hope to see you in Chicago.

  2. Thank you, David.

    You’ve pinpointed one of the reasons why I’m so happy to be involved within this industry. Unfortunately, I won’t be in Chicago, but I look forward to the chance to meet you. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

  3. Happy thanksgiving Bill and lots of luck on your growing business. Your commentary is incredibly insightful. I’ve focused on a few small areas where the recitations on patents have been invaluable. Hope to meet you in the near future.


  4. Thanks, Dave.

    I hope that you had a nice Thanksgiving. I’d enjoy meeting up with you. A roadtrip down your way would be fun, and it’s not that far.

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