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In the early days of the web, before search engines were one of the primary ways to get around, building friendships and business relationships with others online, and providing links to each other’s sites was a great way of delivering value to your visitors, and having them entrust their visitors to your site.

While many link building efforts these days focus upon gaining as many links as possible to a site, to increase its link popularity, and rankings in search engines, that older aim of relationship building is still a viable and valuable approach to bring traffic to your pages.

I wrote about that approach in an article for the December issue of Target Marketing Magazine.

In addition to the print version, it’s also available online at: SEM: Make the Right Connections: Build Web site traffic through links

Here’s a snippet from the article:

I like to think of link building as relationship building, because the connections between your site and other pages on the Web can be an act of building relationships. You’re also building a relationship with your visitors by being a site worth following a link to, and by linking to sites that you trust and that your visitors will value. And, the more value you can bring to these relationships, the more likely you are to achieve your online traffic goals.

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14 thoughts on “Article on Link Building in Target Marketing Magazine”

  1. I follow these ideas as well – deliver value to other websites and their visitors and you’ll be fine.

    Glad someone wrote about building links exceptionally for direct traffic, not some SEO manipulation.

  2. Thanks, Yuri.

    It’s a practice that can help keep someone from becoming too reliant on rankings and search engine traffic, which can be a healthy way to go about things.

  3. Thank you, Eric.

    Relationships can be harder work than a quick email promising a reciprocal exchange of links. But, they can also be immensely more rewarding. I think you’re right that people don’t talk about the relationship factor enough.

  4. Nice to see you published Bill. I’m sure you are aware they spelled your last name wrong (Slawsky). Anyhoo, I like this article for the same reasons Yuri does; I can remember at one point in my younger years just trying to get links which got me nowhere. Now I’m concerned with building relationships, which in turn has gotten me links and brought me search traffic. I don’t think people talk about the relationship factor enough.

  5. Yeah, it’s true. I’m trying to take the quality over quantity approach to see how well it works with my new blog. But for spamming, nothing works better than quantity 🙂


  6. Hi G-Man,

    I linked to your blog here because I’ve come to value your perspective and insight there, over at SEOmoz, Cre8asite, and a few other forums. I’m sure that you’ve gotten more links, and will get even more, for the same reason. 🙂

  7. Link building techniques, I believe, can always be revamped. I think, you can come up with more ways every time. I wish to point your attention to one of my articles I published.

    I always believed that persuasion links are the best in the long run. You need the links to remain rather than be taken away right. Also, no nofollow links should be there. It is a lovely article you have written. Good work.

    Lenin Nair

    Ten most effective tips for link building

  8. I do agree with you on the relationship building part. Many just build links blindly without even paying any attention to the sites, or the blog owners.

    Here is my attempt to build a relationship. My name is Darren, this is my first time here, so just to say Hi. hope to check back again soon! 🙂


  9. Hi Bill
    I was searching your site to see if you have anything about article writing and I came across this posting. I want to share some knowledge with you. I have tried to write an article and I have submitted the same article to 50 article directories and they were PR6-PR4. My ranking did not go up much. I thought may be because of duplicated content because I was publishing the same article. I believe if have change the content of this article and then submit a different article to a different directory then I will get a higher ranking. Do you agree? let me know your opinion.

  10. Hi Sargon,

    There’s some value to article marketing, but I think there’s a point where you see diminishing returns, and it is possible that you might not see much benefit from distributing the same article to a large number of article directories.

    Chances are also good that on many large article directory sites, the PageRank of the pages those articles are on may not have very high pageranks, and really wouldn’t add very much to the PageRank of your page.

    If you publish that article on your own site, and on article directories as well, you also create the situation where you may be competing with yourself for the keywords used, and have no control over which version of the article appears in search results, and which version or versions get filtered out because they are duplicates.

  11. Hi Bill! Well said. Being a professional link builder myself, I can definitely confirm the importance of relationship building as a key stake with any link building/SEO efforts as it will only lead to longer link placement and better overall quality. Too many spammy link building techniques being used these days and it’s actually refreshing to see Google starting to apply filters to the sites that imploy these strategies. I personally of a big fan of comment linking such as this to meet relevant partners and find resourceful websites to bookmark. Pretty amazing how link building can actually bring two website owners together to create lasting mutually beneficial relationships. If more SEOs followed these practices, we might not be in the state of SEO purgatory we’re currently facing.

  12. Hi,

    I agree completely. Relationships are often more valuable than the links themselves, especially when it comes to things like links in comments.

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