Google Patent Application on Media Play Optimization

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We’ve been hearing that Google is getting ready to start letting people purchase radio advertising soon, through their adwords accounts. I’ve written a couple of posts (1, 2) about Google and dMarc previously, and some of the technology involved in their centralized control over purchasing ads.

A new patent application from Google published today looks at the process some more.

Media play optimization
Invented by Chad Steelberg, Ryan Steelberg, Scott Beauchamp, and Russell Kevin Ketchum
US Patent Application 20060282533
Published December 14, 2006
Filed: June 1, 2006


Systems, methods, and a user interface for automatically scheduling a media play is disclosed. The user can specify criteria for play of the media play, including times, stations, and/or external criteria such as a weather condition or the occurrence of an event. Information relevant to the entered criteria is received and assessed against the criteria to determine if the criteria are met. Responsive to the received information meeting the criteria for play of the media play, an accessor accesses the media play inventory and inserts the media play into a media feed.

There appear to be a lot of refinements, and examples in this patent application, beyond what was included in the previous patent application documents that I wrote about in my previous posts.

If you’re possibly interested in providing media advertisements over the radio (and maybe even internet radio), you may want to look over this document. It’s difficult to say how much of what is included will be implemented, but it does a nice job of describing some of the environment of advertising over a broadcast medium.

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