Google Patent Search Results Added to Google Scholar

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Probably shouldn’t be a surprise to many, but I started noticing results from Google Patent Search appearing in Google Scholar last night. Here’s one I came across today from Google Scholar:

search result from Google Scholar showing a Google Patent entry for a meta search engine.

Nothing in the original Official Google Blog announcement about the Patent search implies an integration into Google Scholar, and December’s Google Librarian Newsletter, which spotlights Google Scholar doesn’t provide any hints about this development.

There is an interesting interview with Anurag Acharya, Google Scholar lead engineer, in the newsletter though, where he states that he would like to see Google Scholar develop into a “a place that you can go to find all scholarly literature — across all areas, all languages, all the way back in time.”

I do see some snippets from other patent search sites, but I’m not sure when those started appearing. The patents are a nice addition to the articles from scholarly journals and book citations.

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