Personalization and Privacy Insights from the Search Engines

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Missed this video the first time around, but it’s worth a watch if you are concerned about how search engines might use the data that they collect when people perform searches:

What Is the Data Telling Us? (no longer available)
July 7, 2006

Moderator: Bambi Francisco, senior columnist/correspondent, Marketwatch
– Usama Fayyad, Chief Data Officer, Yahoo
– Jim Lanzone. CEO,
– Peter Norvig, Engineering Search and Quality Director, Google
– Michael Yavonditte, CEO, Quigo

Hat tip to Findory’s Greg Linden, who has a great writeup on the presentation.

More from the panelists:

A Supernova2006 audio presentation from Usama Fayyad on New Science at Yahoo

A Berkeley presentation with Peter Norvig from September 26, 2005 on Search Personalization, News, Print, Maps and Earth

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