Some Social Networking Papers from 2006

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If you run a business, there are benefits to being social, to getting involved in your community. Building friendships and business relationships with others not only means having a richer social life, but also becoming part of the whole community.

Getting involved in a local chamber of commerce or main street business association can provide networking opportunities, and also a chance to help strengthen and enrich your community, and improve the standard of living for the people around you.

The internet expands our ability to be social beyond the scope of our local communities. The Web is a social place, a medium which allows people to communicate and interact regardless of differences in distance or timezones.

There are a lot of folks who have written about different aspects of the social nature of the web. I thought it would be interesting to find some papers from the last year that take a closer look at social networking online.

Before looking at those, I wanted to point out a conference on successful online communities and social networks, happening at the Stanford campus on – Community Next: The Present and Future of Online Communities on February 10th, which is filled with some great speakers. If you’re in the area, and free that day, it appears that they still have openings for attendees.

These are some of the papers I found on the subject. There are many more, but a number of those are hidden behind subscription based services.

The Transformation of the Web: How Emerging Communities Shape the Information we Consume

Social tools are developing rapidly upon the web, from blogs and wikis, to social network sites and file sharing services. This paper gives a broad overview of some of these different tools and how they can enable consumers to become producers.

Library 2.0 Theory: Web 2.0 and Its Implications for Libraries

Considers a view of a library as a social network, with users collaborating on knowledge building efforts.

Search Alternatives and Beyond

While this paper begins by exploring alternatives to the major search engines, it quickly shifts focus to an exploration of how people can share information with each other through social bookmarking sites.

Group formation in large social networks: membership, growth, and evolution (pdf)

What inspires someone to join an online social network? How do groups evolve within those networks, why do some communities grow quicker than others, and what happens when the network changes? Those are some of the questions explored in this paper.

POLYPHONET: an advanced social network extraction system from the web (pdf)

When you enter information about your interests into a profile at a place like MySpace, you may not have anticipated that people would look for ways to mine and aggregate that information, and try to find relationships between people. The project described in this document describes one effort to do just that.

An Exploration on Mobile Social Networking: Dodgeball as a Case in Point (pdf)

I haven’t tried Google’s Dodgeball (Internet Archive link) because it is limited to 22 cities, none of which I live in, but it’s interesting looking. This paper describes the evolution of online social networks, and what next steps might take place in the development of social mobile networks.

A Model of a Trust-based Recommendation System on a Social Network

Steve, over at SEOPittfall, has a thoughful article on The Value of Trust involving trust and social networks. He talks about how trust is built online through links and commentary about other web sites. He also discusses the value of getting involved in social networks to help build social value and trust for your site. In this paper, concepts of trust and trust relationships are explored on social networks themselves.

CHI 2006 Workshop on Mobile Social Software (pdf)

A great collection of papers presented at the CHI2006 conference on social software for mobile devices. For why this is important, see Web 2.0, Dude, Who Cares, Where’s Phone 2.0?

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  1. Bill,

    Thank you for providing the expansive list of social based studies and ranking ideas. More reading for Steve (Yeah!).

    Noah, are you going to be publishing any information provided at Community Next?

    Well Bill, I see that I have some important reading to do. Cheers!

  2. Thanks so much for the shot out to Community Next. Are you able to make it?


  3. Noah,

    It’s a small world. I guess this is one of those six degrees kind of things. I don’t know the owner of Cafe Gelato, but it is wonderful restaurant. Definitely one of the best in the State.

    It’s a couple of blocks away from me. Tremendous success story there. Your friend should be pretty proud of his brother.

    Would love to see some podcasts and videos from the conference.


    I’m still working my way through the CHI 2006 papers. I’m about halfway through. It was your post that inspired me to look for a little more reading on social networks. 🙂

  4. Next year=)

    My best friend’s brother owns a great Italian restaurant in Newark. Cafe Gelato, ever been?

  5. Stephen,

    I can’t promise but I am trying to coordinate podcasts and videos of the event.

    I will try.

  6. Bill does not get out enough.

    Ryan is a VERY focused guy who created a very good restaurant. Your best friend’s brother is an asset to Newark. He uses a mutual friend of Bill and I for his produce.

    Bill, are you up for lunch there sometime soon?

  7. Hey Alan,

    I’ve probably seen Ryan around town, but I can’t say that I’ve met him. He is an asset to Newark. I didn’t know where he was getting his produce – great news – great ingredients helps make great food even better.

    Lunch Thursday or Friday if you aren’t busy one of those days. That would be great.

  8. It would be a pleasure to meet you, Leafar.

    I had French classes in high school and college, but I am not very proficient. I would like to improve my knowledge of French, and found some sites that were interesting to me. Sébastien Billard is active in some of the forums I am a member of, and Jean-Marie Le Ray and I have had some conversations by email.

    I probably need to visit France to improve my proficiency in French. 🙂

  9. Thanks !
    I’ve just realized that you have French language blogroll with all the best one from adscriptor to affordance and outils froids.
    What’s your french history ? If you come to paris, i’ll pay you a glass of wine 😉

  10. I agree with you – I do really enjoy his blog. Paris would be a fun trip, and it would be great to meet you and Jean-Marie, and some of the other people in the area that I’ve met online.

  11. Nice post, Steve.

    I’m not sure that social networking sites are a revolution as much as an evolution – but ultimately the results are the same. Understanding some about how social networks work and grow and change is essential to anyone who might want to be part of the conversation.

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