Patent Application on Google’s Sitemaps and Mobile Sitemaps

The mobile Web is moving towards us quickly, and search engines aren’t ignoring it. Google has been developing some ways to try to make it easier for people to get their sites into Google’s search index with their Google Sitemaps, and they’ve also developed a version of Sitemaps specifically for pages built for mobile devices.

Designers, search marketers, and site owners should be paying attention, too. Having a web site that may work well on smart phones, and on PDAs that can access the internet could provide a competitive advantage.

In December, I wrote a post about How Google Might Decide to Index Your Site for Mobile Search. It was a fairly simple overview of a patent application published by Google which provided some insight into what they might be looking for when deciding whether pages were mobile-friendly enough to be included in the Google Mobile Search index.

A new patent application from Google provides a look inside the processes of Google Sitemaps, and focuses upon the context of their mobile Sitemaps. Here’s a flowchart which shows part of how they work with submitted sitemaps:

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