Building a Video Element into Newer Versions of HTML

Will the future of HTML (HTML 5 or Web Applications 1.0) include a video tag? Maybe. Imagine if you can just surround a link to a video file with a couple of video tags?

A new Google Tech Talk discusses the introduction of a video element (video). Hakon Wium Lee, the CTO of Opera, gives a presentation on how this might work. He is introduced by Ian Hickson, who works in the open source program office at Google.

The presentation provides a little history about the Web, including a look at the buildings and room where the Web was born at CERN, and an announcement that Opera has released an experimental brower that uses this element.

Opera has browsers for desktop computers, for mobile computers, and for devices. One of those devices is the Wii. According to Hakon Wium Lee, the numbers of people usiing Opera on the Wii may eclipse some other uses of Opera. They are noticing that people who use the browser on the Wii often use it to go to YouTube and other video sites.

Opera is talking with the Mozilla group to see if they can get them to support a video element by the end of the year. To learn more about the video element, Opera has more information here:

One of the compelling reasons why this might work and be effective is that it would enable anyone who takes video with their own cameras or phones to convert it to an open source software format like ogg for free, put it on their own server where their pages are hosted, and use a video tag to enable browsers to play those videos. There would be no need to use something like Flash to show these videos, or for people to watch them. Of course, browsers would need to adopt the standard.


Author: Bill Slawski

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