Have You Verified Your Business with Google?

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If you have a location listed in Google Maps, or you would like to it have listed in Google Maps, you should consider verifying the business location it at Google’s Local Business Center.

You don’t even need a website to be listed.

Many business are listed by virtue of Google finding the business in Yellow Pages or other telecom databases, or listed in directories. But, verification allows you to add some more information, such as what your business hours are, and what kinds of payments you take.

Google’s patent application for the verification process came out last week, and there really aren’t any surprises in it. It details the process of verification by phone or mail that Google follows to try to make certain that you are the actual owner of a listed business.

Online data verification of listing data
Inventors: Jeff Reynar, Jonathan Kennell, Dolapo Falola, and Nikhil Chandhok
Assigned to Google
United States Patent Application 20070073696
Published March 29, 2007
Filed: September 28, 2005


A system and method for online verification of data including receiving listing information associated with an entity, determining whether the listing information corresponds to an entry in a database, generating an identifier based on whether the listing information corresponds to an entry in a database, outputting the identifier to a user associated with the entity, initiating contact with the user using the listing information, receiving input from the user, and verifying the listing information using the input and the identifier.

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8 thoughts on “Have You Verified Your Business with Google?”

  1. Thanks, Chris.

    I’ve seen more than a couple of businesses listed with the wrong address information, or web site, or even phone numbers, too. So, it’s worth people checking, and verifying their information.

  2. Great news, Sophie.

    I’m not seeing local search OneBox results at the top of Web listings for geographic searches in the Australian Google search, but I do see some news results for them. I suspect that once there are enough people searching for businesses at locations in the Australian Local Search that you’ll start seeing some of the Onebox local results, too.

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