Catching Up With Memes, Part 1 – How Nerdy Am I?

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I’ve seemed to have been tagged with a lot of memes recently, and haven’t posted any responses to them. The three day weekend seemed to be a good time to try to do that, but I seem to be gathering tags faster than I can reply to them.

My Friend Sophie tagged me with one that asks the question, “How nerdy are you.” I took this test a few days ago without being tagged. Seems my nerd quotient has slipped a little since the first time I took it.

I am nerdier than 65% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out!

The second part about a meme is that you tag others after taking it. I’m tagging the following folks:

Thanks, Sophie.

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8 thoughts on “Catching Up With Memes, Part 1 – How Nerdy Am I?”

  1. Thanks, Sophie.

    Actually, it misses out on the fact that I’m looking at software that Dave Child pointed me towards that allows you to share the same keyboard and mouse between a Windows and a Mac computer at the same time, when running them side-by-side. 🙂

    So that’s actually a much nerdier answer than choosing one over the other.

  2. Bill,

    I’m not sure if this is as comprehensive as it could be… to be perfectly honest, I didn’t think I was that “nerdy!

    I scored an 88.

  3. Nice score, Stephen.

    I believe that I received a 77 the first time I took the test, so my drop was serious. I’m wondering where I lost points. Maybe accessing the test with IE instead of Firefox was one of them?

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