Welcoming our New Sponsor – Search Engine Guide

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I’m proud and happy to announce that SEO by the Sea has a new sponsor, whom I’d like to thank and welcome to the site.

You may have noticed a new banner on the site, to the top and right of the page, from Search Engine Guide. As a source of information for small businesses on the Web, and a site that provides timely and thoughtful articles on search engines, search marketing, and small business, I’m proud of the association.

Welcome aboard to the Search Engine Guide team, and thanks for providing such an outstanding resource.

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6 thoughts on “Welcoming our New Sponsor – Search Engine Guide”

  1. I’m glad you got a sponsor. I’ve always thought that you needed to monetize this site, and it looks like the little Search Engine Guide dog in the upper right box is an okay way to do it. I clicked on it yesterday and will check it out again when I have more time.

  2. The button does look good. Goes with the site. I wish I had a sponsor like tat ;). But you got to wait to get such offers.. but this site does deserve a lot more sponsors than what it is showing now. How abt having an advertise here link and listing down the options?

  3. That’s great Bill. I’m an SEO Newbie, have been thinking of putting some google ads on my blog, just to get the feeling of it and make it a learning experience.

  4. Thanks, SEO Practices.

    It’s good to see you here.

    Trying out some Google ads on your blog sounds like a good idea, to get a little experience with them. If you don’t have any hobby sites that you can use to try out different things, it might not be a bad idea to build one or two of those, to try things like that out upon, too.

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