Google’s Modular Personalized User Page Patent Applications

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Google has come out with four patent applications on the customizable personalized user pages that they offer, with modular applications and informational pieces as the centerpoint of those pages.

The document discuss the use of different approaches, such as iframes, Ajax, RSS feeds, and other ways of presenting information on that page.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of these is the idea of a software development Kit (SDK) that third parties can use to create additional modules for users of this service.

Creating something interesting and unique, and making it available for people to use on their personalized page might be a nice way of getting yourself noticed.

Here are the patent applications:

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One thought on “Google’s Modular Personalized User Page Patent Applications”

  1. Very interesting… it makes me think of all the third party myspace tools there are – but of course, this is different.

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