Green Communities and Social Networks

The Web provides opportunities for people who share common interests to find each other, and engage in conversations.

While I was in Washington on Friday, I got a kick out of watching a duck enjoying the cool mist rising up from the water flowing from the reflecting pool into the World War II Memorial, almost oblivious to the crowds of school kids and tourists running around the attractions.

A Washington Duck Watches Over the Memorials

Technology is allowing people to engage in conversations about our environment, and there are a number of social networking sites were these discussions are taking place.

Here are some of the green social networking sites that I found searching around the Web. — Covering a broader area than just sustainability and environmental issues, Care2 also has a good sized section focusing upon Green Living. — aimed at social activism, one of the major topic areas involves addressing environmental issues.

Changing the Present — enables people and businesses to make “donation” gifts to “friends, colleagues and employees, as meaningful alternative to traditional presents.” You can create a profile page on the site, including information about your favorite non profits, and include a wish list and registry, as well as giving donation gifts through the site, and letting people know about the gift given on their behalf via a personalized (paper) greeting card. And yes, there is a social aspect to the site.

Dotherightthing — Social Watchdog site that allows people (consumers, investors, employees) to share information about how socially and enviromentally responsible businesses are.

Edenbee — Helps people to set goals to reduce their carbon footprints, and share their efforts and ideas on how to do so with others.

Fivelimes — Allows community members to post about green products and green news.

Gigoit — Many items that are resuable end up in trashbins and landfills. This site allows people to donate or receive reusable items. Great idea, but I’m not sure that it is as active as it could be. There’s also a “free” section at Craig’s list where you can offer or find items that people are giving away.

Green Options — A multiple user journal about environmental issues, education and resources.

Greenvoice — Their news section has a digg like interface.

Gaia Community — Formerly listed here as “Zaadz,” which was acquired by Gaiam Inc.

MindBodyGreen — A site dedicated to allow people to post and vote upon “news on better, healthier, greener living.”

The Nature Conservancy Groupspace — you can create your own Gather page, and become a member of the Nature Conservancy Group.

Playgreen — A wiki focusing upon sustainable development.

RiverWired — News, blogs, and videos all about green issues.

Treehugger — Possibly the best known green community site online right now. In addition to an active discussion forum, they also run Hugg, mentioned above.

Worldchanging – A group blog, where visitors can comment upon posts, and can submit suggestions for stories. A very informative site, filled with high quality articles.

Yahoo! Green — Think about the environmental elements found in Yahoo Answers, News, and add links to blogs posts on environmental issues, and you have a sense of what Yahoo’s Green is about. Would love to see images from Flickr and bookmarks from Delicious incorporated into this.


Author: Bill Slawski

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