Pubcon and Missing Casinos

I am in Las Vegas this week, speaking at, and attending the Webmaster World Pubcon Conference.

I will be speaking at two different sessions, both on the first day of the conference.

The early session is going to be a round robin presentation on SEO 101, with Moderator Jake Baillie, and speakers Bruce Clay, Ash Nallawalla, and Jill Whalen, joining me.

After lunch that Tuesday, I will be joining Gordon Hotchkiss and Greg Boser as speakers, and moderator Jake Baillie, in a presentation on Universal and Personal Search – This Changes Everything.

I will be around the whole week, and look forward to meeting up with old friends and making new friends while at the conference. If you see me around the conference, please stop and say hello.

I arrived last night, and had a chance to tour a little around town before trying to catch some sleep. Last year, I had the chance to visit Las Vegas twice, and the casinos that I stayed at on those visits were gone. I’m a fan of local history, and I wanted a chance to see a couple of the older casinos on the strip that where home to performances from entertainers like Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley.

The Stardust and the New Frontier are now both part of the City’s history and folklore. I knew when I stayed at both that they didn’t have much longer to be around. A couple of videos of the buildings coming down:

New Frontier Implosion

Stardust Implosion

An interesting article that I had the chance to read this morning that I enjoyed:

David completed part 4 of his series on Google’s personalized search in Making Personalized Search Work for You.


Author: Bill Slawski

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