A New Beginning

Over the past year, I’ve been keeping a close eye on some of the activities of nonprofits and environmental groups on the Web as they explore ways to share their message with people online. I’ve had a chance to work with a couple of nonprofits over the past few years, and enjoyed the experience.

I’ve also had an opportunity to talk with a few people involved in working with sharing the mission and message that their nonprofit organizations stand for, and their passion is contagious.

I’ve also really enjoyed working with small businesses, as they learn how to bring their offerings to the Web. It’s very fulfilling to help people realize their dreams, and bring helpful and useful products and services to the public.

I have been working as the Director of Search Marketing for KeyRelevance, and decided a few weeks back that I wanted to explore working more with environmental groups and nonprofits and small businesses, either on my own or within a nonprofit organization, and gave my notice.

I’ll likely continue to write about search patents and papers here, but you may start noticing more posts involving nonprofits, environmental efforts, and small business.


Author: Bill Slawski

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