A Review of Kimberly Bock

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Over the past year, I’ve had the chance to get close to Kimberly Bock, who you may know as the author of a number of popular blogs including Learning SEO Basics, Yicrosoft Directory Girl, We R Facebook, and who had been very active and popular on a number of social networks. Kimberly has pulled out of the blogging scene for a while to concentrate on school, but her impact has been felt by many, including myself.

Kimberly is a passionate champion for change, for the underdog, for the protection of consumers, and against marketing practices such as greenwashing, abuse of social networks, misleading linkbaiting practices, and other unethical marketing approaches.

Kimberly’s writings on the Web attracted a number of readers who appreciated her talented writing, her insights, her humor, her sharing of what she learned on the web, and the words and images that she posted online.

While standing up for positive changes, and for newcomers who wanted to learn more about marketing and search engines, Kimberly ruffled some feathers in her blog posts, and was attacked harshly for her stances. Instead of reasoned discussion, many of those responses came in the form of rude comments and emails, down voting in social networks, the burying of results in search engines, and other attacks. A number of those attacks came from people whom I was associated with.

Kimberly has decided to spend some time focusing on her studies. I’m looking forward to her return.

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5 thoughts on “A Review of Kimberly Bock”

  1. Kim always was honest and was more interested in helping others rather than herself. Her influence and impact will be missed, but I am hopeful that this isn’t the last we have heard from Kimberly.

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  3. I always liked to read her blog posts on learningseobasics.com. It is really a pity that all posts are deleted right now. I hope she made a backup and will bring them back online one day.

  4. Kim is a master of the greatest seo’s arts. While she is not plain to see the effect is still there. I think if we watch and listen we may just catch a glimspe at times of our friend.

    Mich D

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