Peace Through Music

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If you’re a musician, interested in helping musicians and artists across the globe, and collaborating with other musicians while doing so, you might find the Playing for Change (HTML version: Playing for Change) web site to be one that you may want to visit.

I was just blown away by the first of their videos:

The Playing for Change Foundation is working to fund music and art schools from around the world. You can participate even if you aren’t a musician. (Hat tip to

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7 thoughts on “Peace Through Music”

  1. Thanks for getting this out there Bill… I’ll be spreading the word as best as I can on my music blog. When Vusi Mahlasela comes on (someone I saw play several times when I lived back in South Africa)… man, a huge grin broke out on my face 🙂

  2. Very interesting. I think musicians fail to think about things like this, as it’s actually a great pr and marketing tool for them. My friends at 61 North are constantly hosting benefit shows, and they’re loved for it.

    Having networks like the one you gave us will help musicians who do have a cause will bring non-profits and musicians together.

  3. Thank you, Burgo.

    The Stand by Me video was one of the most joyful and hopeful videos I’ve seen all year, too. Thanks for sharing word of Playing for Change on your blog. I’ve watched the video about ten times so far today, and loved seeing musicians from around the world joining in. I hadn’t heard of Vusi Mahlasela before, but I checked out some of his videos, and read a little about him on the Web. He’s incredible. I’ve become a fan.

    Hi Eric,

    I hope that some of your musician friends decide to join and participate. 🙂

  4. Stand by me is the best. Music can make you feel younger. Really inspiring and emotional videos.. thanks for bringing this information..

  5. There are many talented musicians in that video, i am really in awe by their performance.

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