Bada Bing!

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I’m Kimberly, Bills ball and chain.

Bill is letting me play on his SEO big people playground.

I am newly addicted to all things #bing, @bing, Bing related.

The more I use Bing, the more I gotta have Bing.

I call Bill Bing by mistake.

I Bing morning. I Bing noon. I Bing night. Ask Bill. He tried to Google me.

The teapot fell off of the stove, I thought Bing was talking to me.

Then finally, I knew I needed help when I saw this:

Bill Slawski Binging

Bing was sexy enough..:-)

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Thanks for letting me play Bill! Cheers all.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Author: Kimberly Saia

Bing search engine enthusiast, web designer, ethical SEO, psychosocial observer, link builder for charity.

32 thoughts on “Bada Bing!”

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  2. Is there any hope for a Bing addiction? Could you cha cha your way out of it? Or explore the kosmix, to give new meaning to your life?

    I have actually exploring various keywords which I am familiar with by seeing what bing has to offer and then what is presented on kosmix. So far, kosmix takes me off in unexpected tangents, which my wandering mind enjoys, but bing has given me useful results.

  3. Kimberly,

    Thank you for making the first ever guest post here so much fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

    You’ve got quite a thing for Bing. I urge visitors here to go check out your bing review, and to take a look at your themes, too. I love that you’re aiming at helping charities with the themes that you’re developing.

  4. Hi Frank,

    It’s easy to get caught up in Kimberly’s excitement over Bing. I’ve been having some fun exploring different searches there too, and the new features that they offer.

  5. @Bill, thanks for letting me play. I’m enjoying Bing as you well know. ๐Ÿ™‚

    @Frank, for Bing addiction: 1 cup of very strong coffee, 1 box of Twinkies, 1 WordPress blog & Bing. Feed the demon. *slobber slobber* btw..I have to say this..ask Bill if I didn’t just say the very same thing about Bing this morning! (‘wandering mind enjoys, but bing has given me useful results.’) It keeps the exploration (ok, wandering) ‘on track’ lol

  6. I think that this is the biggest opportunity for Microsoft to get traction back in the search industry… I really like the layout and it has a whole lot of potential.

    They need to address two questions: can they get really relevant and can they translate it to a mobile platform with the same details and ease of use.


    p.s. Kim, congrats on your first guest post on SEO by the Sea!
    p.s.s. Bill, is this guest post a glimpse of things to come?

  7. Yes I agree that this is MicroSoft’s big chance…fairly new O/S and a new fancy search engine. Let’s just hope that the beta means that they still intend on adding features and resolving issues. I go like how you can preview some of the page’s text. I am rooting for them to do well and catch up to Google.

  8. I don’t know. Most initial reviews of the Bing search engine seem mixed to negative at best, which means it will probably not be the next big thing in search for the majority of users.

    I will have to do some more searching on Bing, but my initial impression was not impressed.

  9. Hi Stephen,

    I think Bing is definitely a step up from Microsoft Live Search. Some news came out today that Bing may have surpassed Yahoo in searches – we’ll have to see if that’s really happening. I think the people behind Bing have made some decisions regarding relevancy that may show some very different results than Google when you’re performing a search. It would be nice to see them show up strong in mobile as well.

    It was great having Kimberly write something fun about search. We’ll see what the future brings. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Hi People Finder,

    There have been some doom and gloom kinds of reviews, but it is still in beta, and I believe Microsoft is pretty serious about search, all fun with the name “bing” aside. There are things that Bing does that are just more usable than what Google has to offer. I think it’s worth keeping an eye on in the future – don’t give up on it too quickly.

  11. Okay sorry for the bada bing comment I left I see it was removed ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I wish that Bing should give strong competition to google , Google has ruled a lot in search engines . Its time to go for google .



  13. Most of the new search engines make a big impression during the launch, but afterwards they remain motionless when compared to the older and top search engines. e.g. Cuil. The same has happened here with Bing too.. Let me see the future of this search engine.

  14. If we are proactive with suggestion making and involvement, Bing can benefit & ultimately we will also. They, unlike Google, are open to consumer comfort.

  15. I have tried Bing several times now and I’ve not been very impressed with either the quality of results or speed of service, it will take a lot for me to change from Google.

  16. I’m definitely not used to letting someone else guest post here.

    I should have let Kimberly respond to most of the comments, except for the ones that were addressed to me. She has some great insights into Bing, and ideas about how it differs from some of the other search engines. I’m so used to responding to comments that I jumped right in. Sorry, Kimberly. ๐Ÿ™

  17. I took a look at it and it looks great, much more inviting alternative to many of the mainstream directories. Will it have the badda bing to hold on in there???

  18. Bing is some elegant lipstick on an ugly pig. I must admit that the lipstick is pretty nice, and Live Search / MSN has done a very good rebranding job. But to think that Bing will ever be more than a tick in Google’s backside in terms of search engines is a joke.

    Bing is competing with Yahoo for market share, Google is still way ahead of both. What advantages do I have using Bing over Google? (Btw I’ve used Bing and think it’s pretty good).

  19. Bing has zero advantages SMwise. They don’t even know how to socialize where they need to socialize. Gr8 engine to work with… 2% chance of turning it into something bigger than Google. 1% is if Google goes belly up. Soooo.. #boohoobing

  20. Found a good article the other day relating to this, search ‘bummed by bing’ in any decent search engine.

  21. I think it does look good, and the preview function is great – however it will take a fair bit of money and effort to recover any ground on Google’s market share.

    The only chance they’ve got is to pay a few ISPs to use their search as default, as well as integrate it with all of their software (and make it hard to replace/remove). No doubt they’ll be legal issues over for this as there were with Java a few years back.

    Either way competition is healthy – forces Google to constantly try and improve.

  22. I myself getting addicted to Bing. I never expected Microsoft to come up with such a good search engine. In last month or so I have completely given up on Google.

    I personally believes that Bing has the potential to go distance specially with Yahoo in its pocket.

    By the way thanks Bill for responding to my comments.

  23. I really like Bing but still not as much as Google. I have found Bing to return crazy results sometimes, such as several Myspace pages in the top 10 for a competitive keyword phrase. Don’t know how the heck that can happen!

  24. Hi Trent,

    I’ll admit that I need to spend some more time, and do some more searching at Bing. I haven’t seen too many unusual results, so maybe I’m not looking enough.

  25. I just don’t see anyone ever really say “just Bing it” like they say “just Google it”. That’s what Bing wants to happen but I think Google is too dominant in our minds and that will never happen.

  26. Hi Jackie,

    It’s funny how the word “Google” lends itself well to use as a verb for searching. I was looking at some older search engines recently, and very few of their names could be used like that – just excite/lycos/hotbot/altavista/alltheweb/yahoo/infoseek it. None of them roll off the tongue so easily.

  27. Great idea with the wordpress themes with charity links, I’ll have to check those out! I still haven’t spent much time with Bing maybe I will someday.

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