Bada Bing!

I’m Kimberly, Bills ball and chain.

Bill is letting me play on his SEO big people playground.

I am newly addicted to all things #bing, @bing, Bing related.

The more I use Bing, the more I gotta have Bing.

I call Bill Bing by mistake.

I Bing morning. I Bing noon. I Bing night. Ask Bill. He tried to Google me.

The teapot fell off of the stove, I thought Bing was talking to me.

Then finally, I knew I needed help when I saw this:

Bill Slawski Binging

Bing was sexy enough..:-)

Want more reasons to Bing? Check out: “Microsoft Bing Advantages”. If you haven’t heard, my blog has a new game plan/twist. Link building for charity. Offering free WordPress themes with outgoing footer links that go to charities. Benefiting those who benefit us.

Thanks for letting me play Bill! Cheers all.. ;-)


Author: Kimberly Saia

Bing search engine enthusiast, web designer, ethical SEO, psychosocial observer, link builder for charity.

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