Virginia SEO and Internet Marketing Meetup for Small Business

In its very earliest of days, SEO by the Sea began as an idea to have a gathering of people interested in internet marketing and search engine optimization away from the big cities, the expensive hotels, costly conferences, and crowded conference centers.

The idea of returning to those roots is something I’ve been considering for a while.

On Sunday, I took the first step by registering at the Virginia SEO and Internet Marketing for Small Business. hasn’t officially announced the group yet by sending out emails informing members of the new group, but should within the next day or two.

The meetup group is for small business owners and website developers and designers around me in Virginia who might be interested in learning more about internet marketing and search engine optimization. If you work on local government or nonprofit sites, or have a personal or professional blog, and are interested in learning more about SEO or internet marketing, it would be great to see you as well.

I have some ideas on places to hold local meetings, and am hoping to get some local businesses and business organizations involved.

If you’re a website owner, designer, or developer in the Northern Virginia area, interested in learning more about marketing your site and other sites online, please consider joining the meetup group or contacting me to find out more about the meetups.

I’ve been thinking about topics for the first meeting, and some of the areas I think might be good to start with include:

  • How to show up in local search results for Google Maps, Yahoo Local, and Bing Maps.
  • What the search engines and their guidelines say about search engine optimization.
  • Common mistakes that site owners might make that could cause them not to rank as highly as they could in search results
  • How to research keywords that potential visitors might use to find your site.

I am open to other topics as well, and look forward to hearing from people who sign up for the Meetup group about what they are interested in hearing about.


Author: Bill Slawski

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