How do you start a blog post?

How do you start a blog post? Do you follow a pattern in the way you write your posts, or do you mix up how you present what you write, and how you reach out to your audience?

Here are some approaches that one could use:

a. Using a journalistic inverted pyramid style, where you begin your post with the most important text first, answering typical journalist questions such as ‘who,’ ‘what’, ‘where’, ‘when’ and ‘how’?

b. With a story or anecdote or case study that might capture visitors’ attentions rather than first providing the central fact or opinion behind your post.

c. With a statistic that might surprise or generate responses or both.

d. In a question and answer format, where you provide a set of questions and their answers, possibly starting with what you might consider to be the most important question and answer.

e. Following a narrative or timeline, where you begin at the beginning and work forward in time.

f. In a conventional essay style like you might have learned at school, where you build a foundation for an idea or set of concepts and then show the conclusion.

g. By referring to someone elses’ blog post or article or a news story, and stating that you agree with some of it, all of it, or none of it, and then explaining why.

h. Asking your reader to imagine some hypothetical situation, or asking them to call up some memory.

i. With a straightout question, meaningful or even rhetorical, possibly in a ploy to generate comments and discussion.

j. Addressing a specific person, and writing to them.

k. By disclosing something about yourself that your readers may not have known.

l. With a definition that describes a concept that is central to your post.

m. With a picture or illustration that highlights some aspect about what you want to blog about.

n. By laying some foundation for your expertise on a subject based upon your previous experiences or education or both?

How do you start a blog post?


Author: Bill Slawski

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