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Something was missing, and I didn’t exactly know what it was. Around a year or so ago, I joined a big agency, and that gave me a chance to look at a lot of sites, provide in-depth consultation audits for a number of clients, perform monthly strategy reviews for others, inform the sales team on issues that might be helpful to address in proposals, and help other SEOs within the company when they asked for it.

I enjoyed doing these things, but there was something missing. I enjoyed working with the crew that I worked with as well. It’s great to work with people who are excited about the Web and about learning and growing. I’m now going to be working with a new crew who are filled with excitement and energy and innovation.

Go Fish Digital

I’m officially making this announcement on a Google Hangout On Air, titled Link Building Algorithms with Eric Enge and Bill Slawski where we are going to be joined by David Harry, Steve Webb, Chris Countey, Pete Meyers, and David Amerland. We are going to be talking about some of the changes and announcements from Google regarding things like the Penguin update, messages from Google about unnatural links, and a number of videos featuring Google’s Matt Cutts, as well as a number of patents from Google that look at how they use and evaluate links.

The Google HOA was live, but should be viewable later to anyone who wants to watch it after it is edited by Eric. Thanks to everyone who participated, including Ronnie Bincer who joined it to help with the hangout, and ended up contributing some thoughts on the discussion as well.

I’m very happy to announce that I am joining Go Fish Digital as Director of Search Marketing this week. What isn’t missing at Go Fish Digital is a desire to interact with others in the Search Industry, to participate in Hangouts and Meetups and Presentations at conferences, to interact with other from within the SEO community to help it grow, to share ideas with other marketers so that we can learn from each other.

I originally met Brian and Dan and Mike, the founders of Go Fish Digital, at a Northern Virginia SEO Meetup Group a few years ago, and have shared ideas and after meetup BBQ with them on a number of occasions. They’ve been focusing on Online Reputation Management (you may have seen the article Our Online Reputation Management Playbook on the Moz blog a couple of years ago), but also offer a range of other service to clients as well.

I want to especially thank Steve Webb, who saw a tweet that I made last month after I updated my resume on, and started at post at titled What is your Dream Job?, which had me thinking seriously about what I was looking for exactly in a job. It wasn’t location, and it wasn’t status, and it wasn’t income, as much as it was about attitude and excitement and innovation.

It was about helping people who wanted and needed help, about finding creative ways to help clients with their pain points and goals, and about helping the industry grow.


Author: Bill Slawski

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