Extracting Facts for Entities from Sources such as Wikipedia Titles and Infoboxes

There are a number of patents from Google, both granted patents and pending patent applications, that describe ways that Google might learn about entities and about facts associated with those by extracting facts for entities from the Web itself instead of relying upon people submitting information to knowledge bases such as Freebase. We saw Google … Continue reading “Extracting Facts for Entities from Sources such as Wikipedia Titles and Infoboxes”

Can Web Search Use Wikipedia to Understand References to Names?

If you’ve spent any time on the Web, chances are that you’ve run into an entry on Wikipedia for a specific person or place. A recent paper from a Microsoft reseacher explores the idea of using pages like those, from the “free encyclopedia that anyone can edit,” to try to resolve any confusion about who … Continue reading “Can Web Search Use Wikipedia to Understand References to Names?”

Studying the Wikipedia Over Time

One of the fastest growing and controversial pages on the Web is the Wikipedia. As of a few moments ago, the front page of the site indicated that it had 1,416,076 articles alone in English. There are many other articles in other languages. The Wikipedia:Multilingual coordination indicates that there are presently “somewhat active” Wiki encyclopedias … Continue reading “Studying the Wikipedia Over Time”

Improving the Wikipedia results for Search Engine Optimization

I’ve been unhappy for a long time with what is on the pages of the Wikipedia for Search Engine Optimization. I decided this weekend to start making some changes to present the subject from a more rounded perspective. Some of the things that bothered me about the article as it was: 1. It presented the … Continue reading “Improving the Wikipedia results for Search Engine Optimization”

Universal Search Updated at Google

unsplash-logoTristan Colangelo Sura gave up on her debugging for the moment. ‘The word for all this is ‘mature programming environment.’ Basically, when hardware performance has been pushed to its final limit, and programmers have had several centuries to code, you reach a point where there is far more signicant code than can be rationalized. The … Continue reading “Universal Search Updated at Google”