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Ranking in Google Since The Advent of The Knowledge Graph

Tonight, I am joining Barbara Starr in giving a two Person Presentation in San Diego, at the Courtyard San Diego in Old Town, titled Ranking in Google Since the Advent of the Knowledge Graph.

The presentation is a meetup cohosted by a few different local meetup groups:

The SEO San Diego Meetup
The SEM San Diego Meetup
The Lotico San Diego Semantic Web

The presentation for tonight’s meetup is:

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At SMX East; Presenting on Google and the Semantic Web

The Semantic Web is making an even stronger appearance recently at Google than it has in the past. With knowledge panels, carousels listing all kinds of things (and people and places), structured snippets merging query answers with question answers into a single snippet, OneBoxes of many different kinds, and even Hummingbird responding better to longer and more complex queries, it’s the future of Google.

I’m presenting on it this morning at the Javit’s Center in Manhattan at SMX (Search Marketing Expo) East, in a session titled “Hummingbird and the Entity Revolution”


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The Integration of Social Media into Search Results and Rankings: Internet Summit 2011

I gave a presentation on SEO and Social Media at the Internet Summit 2011, in Raleigh NC yesterday, in an Advanced SEO session with Lindsay Wassell, Michael Marshall, and Markus Renstrom – head SEO of Yahoo! Daryl Hemeon has a nice write-up of the presentations at Advanced SEO – Internet Summit Day 2 Notes.

I included a number of links and references within the presentation that we didn’t visit or spend time on, for anyone who might want to visit those for more details. The basic premise behind my presentation was that Social Media has changed the expectations of searchers and the search engines have had no recourse but to change in response, and SEO likewise is evolving to meet those expectations.

Nominations for Semmys and Thanks for SEJ Awards

Initial nominations for The First Annual Semmys Awards, honoring individual blog posts & articles in the Search Engine Marketing Industry, came out last week.

2008 SEMMY Nominee

SEO by the Sea was honored with 14 nominations in 6 different categories amongst that initial group. The initial nominations will be reviewed by judges chosen from the Search Engine Marketing Industry, and reduced to a smaller amount.

From there, public voting on the finalists will happen. I don’t believe that any dates have been set yet for voting.

I’d like to congratulate everyone who has been nominated.

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Pubcon and Missing Casinos

I am in Las Vegas this week, speaking at, and attending the Webmaster World Pubcon Conference.

I will be speaking at two different sessions, both on the first day of the conference.

The early session is going to be a round robin presentation on SEO 101, with Moderator Jake Baillie, and speakers Bruce Clay, Ash Nallawalla, and Jill Whalen, joining me.

After lunch that Tuesday, I will be joining Gordon Hotchkiss and Greg Boser as speakers, and moderator Jake Baillie, in a presentation on Universal and Personal Search – This Changes Everything.

I will be around the whole week, and look forward to meeting up with old friends and making new friends while at the conference. If you see me around the conference, please stop and say hello.

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Yahoo’s Usama Fayyad on Datamining, More Effective Advertising on Yahoo, and Social Media

Every business has the potential to gather an incredible amount of data, and a business like Yahoo can be an extreme case.

What kinds of things can you do with that data? Where do you even begin? What interesting patterms might you find in very large databases? How can that data be used within your business processes? What does it mean for blogs, and photosharing sites, and social search?

What does the use of that data mining mean to searchers, and to advertisers?

At the KDD 07 conference (Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining) in San Jose this past August, Usama Fayyad, Yahoo’s Chief Data Officer and Executive Vice President of Research & Strategic Data Solutions presented on a couple of topics, and was interviewed, and videos from those are now available on the Web.

The videos present a unique perspective of how Yahoo uses data mining in its everyday business (including advertising), and presents interesting looks at knowledge discovery and data mining itself, especially when it needs to scale to very large databases.

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San Jose Adventures, Part 1 – the most famous garage in Silicon Valley

A little glimpse into my journey to the San Jose Search Engine Strategies Conference this past week.


I headed out to BWI airport outside of Baltimore, usually about an hour drive, and wondered if I would make my flight after an accident delayed traffic along the way. I hope the people involved the collision are ok. I managed to get through security, and make it to the plane on time for my journey to Salt Lake City.

After my layover in Utah (wish I had a window seat, so that I could actually have seen the lake – did see the Bonneville Salt Flats from my aisle seat), I get on a plane headed for San Jose. I end up sitting next to a rocket scientist (the NASA documents and his killing time solving maths problems were a giveaway).

The plane arrives without any delays or problems, and I take a cab to the Airport Best Western (closer to the center of Santa Clara than San Jose), where I was planning on spending very little time over the weekend, before moving to the Fairmont in downtown San Jose.

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Next Week: Search Engine Strategies San Jose

The Search Engine Strategies Conference in San Jose starts next Monday, and I’m looking forward to attending, and to meeting up with old friends, making some new friends, learning what’s new in the industry, and sharing some ideas with others.

I’ll be speaking on Monday morning on the topic of Universal Search, at 11:00am, along side Greg Jarboe and Sherwood Stranieri, with Erik Collier of, David Bailey of Google, and Tim Mayer of Yahoo as Q&A speakers in the session. While I have a presentation prepared for the event, if there’s something in particular about Universal Search and blended search results that you want to hear, let me know.

I had the chance last year to join Loren Baker, David Zuls, and Carsten Cumbrowski for a lunch at a San Jose Mexican eatery, The Taqueria, and hopefully will get the chance to meet a few people there for a meal sometime during this conference – if you like Mexican food, it’s definitely a great stopping point.

If you are going to be in San Jose next week, and would like to meet, let me know. I’ll be arriving late this Friday night, and am thinking of running out to BarCampBlock on Saturday morning.

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