Image Classification and Landmarks at Google

Washington Monument

Image Classification in the past

Back in 2008, I was writing about how a search engine might learn from photo databases like Flickr, and how people label images there in a post I wrote called, Community Tagging and Ranking in Images of Landmarks

In another post that covers the Flickr image classification Landmark work, Faces and Landmarks: Two Steps Towards Smarter Image Searches, I mentioned part of what the Yahoo study uncovered:

Using automatically generated location data, and software that can cluster together similar images to learn about images again goes beyond just looking at the words associated with pictures to learn what they are about.

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Ranking Images in Search Engines

Ranking Images at Google and Bing

When you perform a search for images at Google, do you ever wonder why some pictures show up before others? What goes into ranking images there?

A recently published paper from Google, PageRank for Product Image Search (pdf), provides some thoughts on how the actual content of images themselves can be incorporated into how ranking images at Google.

A patent application published last week from Microsoft provides another look at ranking images in image search, and some of the things that might be considered.

It’s not quite as revolutionary an image search approach as the one suggested in the Google paper, but there may be some surprises in how ranking images happen. The patent filing is:

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