Google Radio and TV Personalization, Ratings, and Advertising Patent Applications

Is it time for a new way to rate television shows? Could television and radio give us a much richer and more interactive experience than it presently does?

The world of broadcast media has followed a pretty simple approach for years – broadcasters present entertainment and information, mixed with advertisements.

Google has been publishing a number of papers, and filing patent applications that provide some innovations in the broadcast arena which are worth looking at closely. They allow for ways to interact with television and radio, and receive additional real-time content as well as interacting with others who are watching or listening to the same broadcast, real-time popularity ratings, and the bookmarking of video and audio.

They also provide ways for people to advertise in some interesting ways. Imagine personalized information layers that correspond to shows you are watching on TV:

For example, while watching a news segment on a celebrity, a fashion layer is presented to the viewer on a television screen or a computer display device, which provides information and/or images related to the clothes and accessories the celebrity is wearing in the news segment. Additionally, personalized layers may include advertisements promoting products or services related to the news segment, such as a link to a clothing store that is selling clothes that the celebrity is wearing.

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Yahoo Podcasting and Media Tagging Patent Applications

I haven’t spend hadn’t spent a lot of time at Yahoo Podcasts, but it looks looked interesting (the service closed in October, 2007).

This method of delivering audio information saw a great surge of usage in 2000, with a number of online news agencies making audio broadcasts available to their visitors. Video has also become pretty popular on the Web.

Twelve new patent applications from Yahoo focus on a wide number of topics involving podcasts and video, including a podcast search engine, sending podcasts out to mobile devices, tagging podcasts and pictures and media files, advertising in podcasts and media, using location tags within different media, and a recommendation system for media files.

Systems and methods are provided for subscribing to podcast feeds from a single location. A server-based search engine is provided that identifies podcasts located throughout a network that are available to a user’s rendering device and presents the user with a user interface from which the user can search for podcasts, subscribe to an identified podcast, listen to an identified podcast, or obtain additional information related to an identified podcast.

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