The Yellow Shoes of Search Engine Optimization in Newsweek and Slashdot

Back in March, I had the chance to meet Rand Fishkin, of SEOMoz, at the New York Search Engine Strategies Conference. Rand is a popular and active poster on a number of Search Engine Optimization forums, and in late February he noted that he would be wearing a pair of bright yellow shoes at the conference to make it easy to find him (optimization by shoe color?)

Rand’s popularity comes from his friendly nature, and his willingness to share with others. Since March, we’ve had the good fortune, at Cre8asite Forums to have him join us there as a moderator in the Search Engine Optimization forum.

Those yellow shoes have been featured in a couple of interesting places lately.

There’s a nice article at Newsweek about the power of SEO and taking a look at the optimization efforts of Rand at: Hotwiring Your Search Engine.

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Google’s Computing Approach

It’s not often that we get a sneak peek at how the machinery behind the search engines work.

Luiz Andre Barroso, leader of Google’s platforms engineering group, has worked on Google’s computing infrastructure, on such things as load balancing, fault detection and recovery, and more.

In the latest issue of the ACM Queue, he writes about some of the issues that face Google from a computing standpoint in The Price of Performance.

An article at Arstechnica notes that this may lead to Google’s adoption of some new hardware in the future.

Honored and Surprised: SEO by the Sea was nominated for search blogs awards

Search Engine Journal is holding a vote for Search Engine Journal’s 2005 Search Blogs Awards.

I nominated a number of sites last night, but found it difficult because there are so many excellent search engine blogs. If you look at the blogroll to the right, you’ll see what I mean. I visit as many of those sites as I can via RSS, and another twenty or more that I haven’t added to the blog roll yet.

I have to confess that I was surprised this morning to see an email from Loren from Search Engine Journal telling me that this site had been nominated.

I would like to thank whomever nominated SEO by the Sea. It’s an honor to be included along with these others nominated as Best SEO Blog:

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Blogs as infectious diseases: how much faith do you give to search engine patents?

Christine Churchill has an article at Search Engine Watch on Understanding Search Engine Patents that’s worth a look.

In it she describes some of the potential pitfalls of placing too much credibility in a patent application released by one of the search engines. It’s a warning worth heeding.

In addition, she describes four presentations on search engine patent applications at a recent Search Engine Strategies conference. I wish I could have seen these presentations. It’s a good thing that Christine has shared them with us.

I spend some time every week digging through the new patents and patent applications from Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, and others. Some interesting stuff shows up, from time to time.

For instance, would you consider comparing blogging to an infectious disease? A paper on how infectious diseases spread has inspired a couple of patent applications from IBM on Blogging, and how information spreads through blogs.

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The Mundane Realities of Running a Search Engine on a Budget

There have been a few stories in the news this month about the costs behind running a search engine like Google. Thought it would be interesting to take a quick look at them, and see where some of the money goes.

The high cost of jetting around the globe, by the founders of Google, was an early story broken by the Wall Street Journal, who uncovered information about a purchase of a jet for Sergey and Larry. In Google founders’ heady purchase (no longer available), we hear a little about new luxury Boeing 767-200 intended to save a few dollars while letting the heads of Google fly where they want.

Office space for the search giant was another topic that emerged lately. There are some nice pictures of new Google Office spaces on real estate blog Curbed. Take a look Inside New Gooooogle’s New Chelsea Oooooffice. The pictures are of unfinished office space, but it’s a lot of space. Would love to see what it looks like once it’s been fixed up some.

Thinking about how much furniture will cost for this space, a more important question might be how much money it costs to run all of the thousands of computers one might find at a Google Data Center. Google’s vice president of operations, Urs Hoelzle, discusses that very topic in How Google battles its increasing power consumption . Just considering it makes my own utility bills much more easy to stomach.

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Teens take the web

To be young when radio started broadcasting must have been something. To be the first generation to watch television could have been interesting.

But, neither of those technological and social breakthroughs provided the opportunity to create the way that the web does. And teenagers growing up with the web are doing just that, according to a Pew Internet & American Life Project report, Teen Content Creators and Consumers.

From the abstract to the report:

Fully half of all teens and 57% of teens who use the internet could be considered Content Creators. They have created a blog or webpage, posted original artwork, photography, stories or videos online or remixed online content into their own new creations

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