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SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is marketing with an awareness of the framework of the Web – understanding how search engines work and how to create findable content.

Would you like your site to be found easier in search engines for terms that searchers interested in what you offer are likely to use as queries to find your site?

Are you interested in having your business show up in local search results, with your address and phone number listed prominently, and a map that viewers can use to visit you in person or see the areas that you offer services within?

If you could increase your sales, your readership, your advertising revenue, or your donations, by having more visitors interested in what you offer visiting your pages, wouldn’t you?

Bill Slawski of SEO by the Sea provides professional search engine optimization and internet marketing services that can help you meet the goals you’ve set for your web site, by making it easier for your pages to be found on the Web by the people whom you want to see your pages.

The SEO services we offer include:

  • Detailed SEO Site Audits and Recommendations
  • Keyword Research
  • Link Building Strategies
  • SEO Training and Coaching
  • Local Search SEO to increase online and offline traffic
  • Blogging Consulting for businesses and professionals
  • Analysis of Competitors
  • Improvement in Conversions (sales, contacts, signups)
  • SEO Help during the development of web sites

We work with small businesses and Fortune 500 companies, schools, nonprofits, ecommerce sites, professional and personal blogs. We provide recommendations and consulting and training for designers, site owners, developers, and in-house SEOs.

SEO Site Audit and Recommendations

An SEO Site Audit provides a deep analysis of your website and how search engine friendly it might be. It asks and answers a large number of questions about your web site, such as:

  • How easy is it for search engines to crawl and index the pages of your site?
  • Are there duplicate content issues that may impact the rankings of your pages?
  • What best practices should you follow when creating or updating the content on your site?
  • What’s the best way to organize the content on your pages for your intended audiences?

Included within an SEO Site Audit are practical and specific recommendations to improve the quality of your web site, and information on best practices from an SEO stance.

Keyword Research

Finding the right keywords to use on the pages of your site can make the difference between being found on the Web by people interested in what you offer and being invisible. Keyword research means understanding your audience, and locating words and phrases that they will use to search for your pages and expect to see on those pages.

Link Building Strategies

A smart link building strategy means finding ways to promote your pages on other sites on the Web in a manner that can drive direct traffic to your pages as well as show the search engines that your sites are filled with quality content. The right approach to building links can vary from one site to another and an intelligent approach to linking can help bring visitors to your pages who are interested in what you offer.

SEO Training and Coaching

Ongoing consultation from SEO by the Sea can include SEO training and coaching for people interested in learning more about how and why search engine optimization works, and approaches that they can use to make their sites more visible on the Web. If you have specific questions about SEO or want a sounding board or second opinion, short term consulting is also available.

Local Search SEO

For many businesses, regardless of whether or not they have a web site, being found in local search and in maps that show up in web searches at Google and Yahoo and Bing for the location of an office or storefront or other offline location can mean a significant increase in phone calls and visits.

About Our Approach

We follow an ethical approach to search engine optimization, based upon years of experience, experimentation, and deep research into search related patents and white papers.

Bill works with clients around the country, and around the globe.

We offer search engine friendly consultation at any stage in the development of a website, and work with designers, developers, search engine optimizers and web site owners to market their sites online, and help them understand the technical and marketing challenges that they face.

To learn more about SEO by the Sea, visit our about page.

Please feel free to contact me to see how we can work together.

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