Identifying Subjective Attributes Of Entities

subjective attributes manager

Identifying UGC Subjective Attributes Of Entities This recently granted patent is about identifying subjective attributes of entities. I haven’t seen a patent about subjective attributes of entities or responses to those entities. A critical aspect of it is that it is user-generated content. We get told that user-generated content (UGC) is becoming more common on … Read more

Generating Query Answers

query answers

This recently granted Google patent generally relates to generating query answers, and this patent also introduces the concept of Constraints to help answer queries. Using Constraints For Query Answers This patent asks questions about contents related to facts about entities that questions are getting added about. Documents about Using constraints for query answering are these: … Read more

Generic Content Ratings Based on Location

content ratings

The disclosed patent relates to ways of presenting content based on generic content ratings. Searchers get interested in accessing content (e.g., television programs, movies, books, videos, music, news articles, Websites, etc.) from many different countries, regions, or other groups. Each country, region, or group may use a different rating system used to state content that … Read more

Humans Enrolling With Automated Assistants

automated assistants Q&A

How Automated Assistants Work Using Natural Language Input? Humans may engage in human-to-computer dialogs with interactive software applications referred to herein as “automated assistants.” For example, humans (who, when they interact with automated assistants, may be referred to as “users”) may provide commands, queries, and requests (collectively referred to herein as “queries”) using free form … Read more