Honored and Surprised: SEO by the Sea was nominated for search blogs awards

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Search Engine Journal is holding a vote for Search Engine Journal’s 2005 Search Blogs Awards.

I nominated many sites last night but found it difficult because there are many excellent search engine blogs. If you look at the blogroll to the right, you’ll see what I mean. I visit as many of those sites as I can via RSS and another twenty or more that I haven’t added to the blog roll yet.

I have to confess that I was surprised this morning to see an email from Loren from Search Engine Journal telling me that this site had been nominated.

I would like to thank whomever nominated SEO by the Sea. It’s an honor to be included along with these others nominated as Best SEO Blog:

SEO SpeedWagon
SEO Black Hat
Jim Boykin’s Blog
Link Building Blog (link broken)
Stepforth SEO Blog
Matt Cutts Blog
Greg Boser’s WebGuerrilla
SEO Book

I don’t expect to win here. Too many of the blogs above are intelligent, informative, timely, prolific, and labors of love. And I already consider myself a winner in that I get to read what those folks write. Good luck to you all.

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