Google TextRank and Book Search?

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What is Google TextRank?

One of the challenges of the Google Book Search project has been to find a way to index all of the books included within the book search project.

We don’t know the details of the technology used to index those books. However, some research uncovers interesting information.

This November, a post at Search Science involved the award of a grant of $107,112 by Google to Rada Mihalcea. Xan Porter noted there that Professor Mihalcea’s research involving “automatic extraction methods to retrieve significant information in books stored in electronic format” is what likely interested Google in getting her help for Google Print, or Google Book Search, as it is known now.

As a co-inventor of the Google TextRank Patent, she seems to have been the ideal candidate for Bringing Order into Texts.

It’s impossible to tell whether or not Google textrank is being used to index those books.

If you are familiar with PageRank and Kleinberg’s Hyperlinked Induced Topic Search (HITS), and Wordnet, you might find the patent application’s description of how TextRank would work interesting.

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