Yahoo Acquisitions – The Middle Years

This is the third post in a series about the companies that Yahoo! has purchased. I started with a look at the most recent with Yahoo! Acquisitions since Overture. Sometime after I made that post, we discovered that Yahoo! had also acquired a company named Webjay during 2005. My second post looked at Early Yahoo! … Read more

Around the web

Some sites and stories I’ve seen recently that I wanted to share. I’m a big fan of RSS feeds and think that they give many sites a chance to have a much larger readership than they would otherwise. But, how widespread has the use of syndication through RSS feeds grown? Ravenews takes a look at … Read more

Some new Microsoft patent applications

Some new Microsoft patent applications about the web, and indexing pages, from last week. Keep in mind that these are just patent applications and have not been granted as patents. They may be avenues of approaches that aren’t developed in the future or maybe the direction Microsoft takes. They might be challenged by claims of … Read more