Ask Andrei: One of the world’s foremost search scientists takes questions

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Over at the Yahoo! Search Blog, there’s a nice opportunity to submit some questions about search technology to one of the giants in the field, Dr. Andrei Broder, who recently joined Yahoo!

Dr. Broder is the co-inventor of many interesting Patents on search. The latest include one with Google’s Krishna Bharat on how to estimate the coverage of web search engines, and a somewhat different approach for ranking web page search results.

It was tempting to ask Dr. Broder which search engine he would estimate covers more of the web than others, but I instead asked about the Yahoo! patent I mentioned a couple of days ago, and where he might see the future of search headed.


Some answers from Dr. Broder:

March 3, 2006
“Search without a box” – A chat with Andrei Broder (Part 1)

March 9, 2006
A chat with Andrei Broder (Part II)

March 15, 2006
A Chat with Andrei Broder (Part III)

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