Community Endorsements for Local Searches

community endorsements

Community Endorsements for Local Search Results as a Ranking Signal? Imagine joining a social network like Orkut or Friendster and having the chance to leave comments on local businesses, restaurants, and more, and endorsing show up in Google local results. The folks at Google have imagined something like that and have published a community endorsement … Read more

Saw it on the web

I’ve been running into many interesting, amusing, fun, and entertaining articles lately and wanted to share some of them. I’m finding myself in agreement with Jeff Jarvis, when he makes the following statement about Tagging at BuzzMachine. Interesting thought for companies like Google that want to organize the world’s information. The web is about connections … Read more

Early Yahoo Acquisitions (the 1990s)

I wanted to learn more about the history of Yahoo! and made a post about Yahoo!’s Acquisitions Since Overture a week ago. I promised that I would follow up with an additional post covering the remaining Yahoo Acquisitions. I guess you should be careful about undertaking an inquiry like this. The more I uncover, the … Read more