SEO and Defining Site Objectives

site objectives

The Importance of Defining Site Objectives I like digging into some of the patents and papers from search engines and academics who study how search works. But something else I find fascinating is how marketing fits into Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how important it is to know about both to be successful in getting … Read more

Multi-Stage Query Processing at Google

multi-stage query processing

Multi-Stage Query Processing at Google Deciding how a term or phrase is used in the context of a page can help decide how relevant that page is for a query from a searcher. A patent application from Google this week looks at ways to consider the context of those words. It also describes a multi-stage … Read more

Move over PageRank: Google is Using Phrase-Based Indexing?

phrase-based indexing

The First Phrase-Based Indexing Patent Application Google isn’t the biggest search engine that Anna Lynn Patterson has worked upon. That distinction probably falls to the Internet Archives, which she worked on before joining Google. It likely has a few billion more pages in its database than Google. The archive has 55 billion web pages right … Read more